Your Outdoor Wedding Questions, Answered!

The Outdoor Wedding Company were featured in Confetti magazine where we answered all of the most frequently asked questions about Outdoor Weddings. Here’s some of the questions we were asked:

What are your most popular options for weddings?

The most popular style is a traditional, rustic wedding package and the most popular tent is our 21m x 15m beige stretch tent- perfect for festival style weddings, which we have noticed a real growth in.

How long does the setting up process take?

It really will depend on the size of the wedding and location in Ireland, but it can take a minimum of one day to set up and a maximum of two days. We normally put it up a few days before the big day, depending on schedule- this is so you can add your final few bits to the setup.

Have you seen an increase in popularity of marquee/tent hire for weddings?

Absolutely! Before, people thought they were confined to an indoor reception, but now that an outdoor venue is possible in Ireland, people are loving it! We’ve noticed that couples are getting more hands-on and creative with their weddings, which we love. It’s so unique and different and it really adds a lot of fun to the day.

Ireland is notorious for bad weather- Will this be an issue?

Absolutely not! Our stretch tents are 100% waterproof and are rated to withstand winds to Beaufort 8, which is 60 kph. The tents can be easily heated on cool days as their vented, elevated ceilings and canvas exteriors are geared towards providing shade on a hot day, rather than warmth on a cool one. We can also add in zipped doors and skirts to seal up the tent more if you wish. You will be amazed how much heat the tent fabric holds. Also, each person in the tent will give off 1 kw of heat. We have designed a clear, sealed wall that can be put into the tent so you can still take in the view during the colder months.

What other service do you offer at The Outdoor Wedding Company?

Apart from the full package and some added extras, we can also offer a professional wedding planning service, making things much easier for you. Also, if there is anything else you need for you wedding day, we can happily arrange it for you.

What made you decide to set the business up in the first place? 

In the beginning, we did our weddings through our parent company Extreme Structures. However, we quickly noticed how popular the weddings were and decided to branch out into a separate brand, The Outdoor Wedding Company. We noticed that there was no one specialising in outdoor weddings in Ireland which I’m sure made a lot of couples think it wasn’t possible. We wanted to bring something new and exciting to the wedding industry